A Dedicated Poem


Aug, 20, 2014

Chaerin got invited to be the soloist with Boston Chamber Soloists playing Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto NO.2!

Sep, 10, 2014

Chaerin got invited to be the soloist with UMass Boston Orchestra playing Debussy Danses!

Jan, 20, 2014

Chaerin got invited to be the member of the piano faculty at UMass Boston!

August, 31, 2012

Chaerin got invited to be the harp ensemble conductor at BKS!

July, 19, 2012

Chaerin recorded Dr. David Patterson’s “The Spin”, and the CD will be released under the Albany Records next Spring!

June, 21, 2012

The Silversound orchestra was introduced at the Quincy Sun Newspaper!

Oct, 3, 2011

Chaerin got invited to be the member of the Harp Faculty at the Eastern Nazarene College from Jan, 2012!

Office Location: Cove Fine Arts Center 2nd Floor Harp Studio, Eastern Nazarene College


Sept, 9, 2011

Chaerin got invited to be the ensemble director, and composition/ piano teacher at Beechwood Knoll Elementary School!

Office Location: Theater/ 1st Floor, Beechwood Knoll School


July, 1, 2011

Chaerin got invited to be the member of the Harp Faculty at the Youth and Muse International Music Festival from 2012!


Feb, 24, 2011

Chaerin got invited to be the member of the Harp Faculty at the University of Massachusetts Boston!

Office Location: McCormack Hall,02,00625

Feb, 13, 2011

Chaerin got invited to be the member of the Harp Faculty at the Georgian Court University in New Jersey!

Oct, 1, 2010

Chaerin got invited to be the executive director at New Star Community Art School!

Sept, 23, 2010

Chaerin got invited to be the principal harpist of the Thailand Philharmonic and to join the harp faculty of Mahidol University!

June, 26 , 2010

Chaerin is invited to be the member of jury for “Heemang Care Center Orchestra Audition” in Korea!

June, 1 , 2010

Chaerin is teaching the undergraduate students at Harvard University through the Office Of Arts Program!


May, 23, 2010

Chaerin gave a testimony at Kwang-ju Dong San Church in Korea!

Feb, 2, 2010

Chaerin release her first album of the live concert collection “A Dedicated Poem”!
—From the Introduction of the Album—–

“A dedicated poem,” my first publically released album, is a compilation of my live performances from 2002-2005. This album shares my passion for live performance, which I find, carries the highest artistic expression and aura with it as it breathes with its audience. This album additionally holds immense importance to me as it is a dedicated poem, through my harp music, to three people, ineffably dear and precious to me, for whom I hold the greatest respect and adoration. It is through the guidance and love of these people that I am now here.

I devote this album to my wonderful father, who has been a living example of the caring and love I strive to emulate; to my wise mother, a woman whose both internal and external beauty emanates to all those around her; and to my pastor Choi, who has always shared God’s love and grace with me, and has stood as my guiding light. I thank these people from the deepest corners of my heart.

Above all, I give the utmost devotion and gratitude to God, who has blessed me with the ability to touch people, and extend His kingdom through music.

With love,
Chaerin Kim

February 2, 2010
On the day of my loving parents’ 33rd wedding anniversary

[1] George Frideric Handel: Prelude and Toccata
[2] Marcel Grandjany: Rhapsodie
[3] Albert Zabel: Marguerite douloureuse au rouet Op. 26
[4] R.Gliere: Impromptu
[5] M. Glinka: Nocturne
[6] J.M. Damase: Sicilienne Variée
[7] G.B. Pescetti: Sonata
[8] M.Glinka: The Lark
[9] J.S.Bach: Prelude from Violin Partita No.3
[10] M. Mechedelov: Variations on a Theme by Paganini
[11] Claude Debussy: Reverie
[12] Claude Debussy: Valse Romantique

Nov, 16, 2009

Chaerin has been invited to be the “Chair of the Harp Department”  and “Piano Faculty” at “South Shore Conservatory”!


Oct, 5, 2009

Chaerin has been invited to be the Piano Faculty at “Adagio Music Academy”!

Sep, 30, 2009

Chaerin has been invited to be the Head of the Harp Faculty at “Adagio Music Academy”!

Sep, 16, 2009

Chaerin became the “Founder and the Artistic Director” of the USA International Music Competition!

March, 30, 2009

Chaerin has been appointed as the”Education Consultant”of the Musical Journey II!

May, 17, 2007

Composer Ivana Lisak wrote the “Harp Concerto” for Chaerin!

Ivana Lisak, composer, pianist.
A native of Croatia, Ivana Lisak has dedicated herself equally to both composing and performing. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Classical Piano Performance in 1996 from the Music Academy of the University of Zagreb, Croatia, Ms. Lisak accepted a scholarship from Berklee College of Music and came to Boston to study composition and film scoring. Soon after her arrival, Ms. Lisak established herself as a distinguished performer: in 1998, Ms. Lisak won the Berklee Concerto Competition with her performance of Igor Stravinsky’s Concerto for Piano and Winds, in 2000 she was the featured soloist for the “13th Annual All America Hall of Fame.” She also performed with Ensemble L’Eclectique (Boston Symphony performers) on a world premiere of Vuk Kulenovic’s new composition, “Pictures for an Exhibition” (2000).

In 2002 Ms. Lisak continued her studies at Boston University and in 2007 she earned a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Theory and Composition. She debuted as a composer in December of 2002 when her piano sonata was premiered at Weill Hall, Carnegie Hall, New York. Since then she tirelessly works on commissions, her last being a “Fairy Tale Concerto for Harp and Orchestra” written for a prominent harpist Chaerin Kim. Her composition teachers include Lukas Foss, Theodore Antoniou, John McDonald, Ketty Nez, and Vuk Kulenovic,. Ms. Lisak studied piano with Vladimir Krpan (Croatia), Konstantin Bogino (Italy), Stephany Tiernan (Boston), and jazz with legendary performer Joanne Brackeen (Boston).

During her studies, Ms. Lisak was presented with numerous awards for her compositions as well as for her performances. The Clear Note Publishing Company has published her guitar piece called “Lament for the Lost Moment,” written for a Grammy nominated guitarist Apostolos Paraskevas. Currently, Ms. Lisak lives and works in Boston where she holds a position of Assistant Professor of Composition at Berklee College of Music and she also teaches at Harvard University.

Ivana Comments:
“I have known Chaerin for several years now and throughout those years I have had a pleasure to continuously witness her remarkable accomplishments as a performer, as well as to discover and be blessed with her caring and warm personality as a friend. As a composer, I have had great luck to have the opportunity for my music to be interpreted by such a high quality performer. She has been a great inspiration to me as I have written my first significant concerto for her. She has premiered my “Fairy Tale Concerto for Harp and Orchestra” in September in 2007 with extraordinary accuracy, vigor and passion. Through our numerous meetings to discuss my composition, I gained an insight into her exceptional analytical skills and great curiosity towards music theory. Her open-mind toward contemporary music, enthusiasm and unusually keen understanding of the composers’ creative process makes her irreplaceable interpreter of the new music among the composers”

For Music of the Fairy Tale Harp Concerto, contact Dr. Lisak: ivlisak@gmail.com