A Dedicated Poem

Internationally acclaimed harpist Chaerin Kim began harp studies at the age of 18. Her musical background began studying piano at the age of 6. She majored in piano at Yeiwon Music Middle School and Keiwon High School until she was 18 years old. In addition, cello studies and voice lessons began for her at the age of 9. She was the Grand Prize Winner of Korean Student’s Newspaper Music Competition in Piano, in Seoul, Korea and the Walgan Music Competition Bronze Medalist in Piano, in Seoul, Korea. In her last year at Kaywon High School, she started to learn harp and 6 months later she won the soloist audition as a harpist. Just a year later, performing Hindemith Sonata for harp and Grandjany Variation, she entered Ewha University. Dr. Kim received her bachelor’s degree from Ewha University in Seoul, graduating with “highest honors”, and performing the Pierne Concerto with the Ewha University symphony, as the winner of the soloist competition, just two years after she started to play the harp. Her successful performance resulted in sponsorship from the Korean newspaper “Chosun”. She was a guest soloist to perform Debussy’s Danses and Ravel’s Introduction et Allegro with the Yonsei Sinfonietta. While perusing her master’s degree program in Ewha University, she was offered a scholarship for the Post Graduate Diploma from the Royal Academy of Music in London, where she received a degree with “distinction”. Studies at the Royal Academy of Music in London brought her much success, winning the “Julia Leney Harp Prize”, the“Foundation Award”, the “M. A. Garrett Award”. Dr. Kim became the recipient of a diploma for musical skills from the international harp competition in Russia, as winner of the best performance of Russian music. Consequently, she performed live on national radio and television in Russia and Korea. Dr. Kim completed her Masters of Music degree program at Yale University, where she performed with the Russian philharmonic as an orchestra harpist at Carnegie Hall, and got invited for the artist diploma at Yale University and the graduate diploma at New England Conservatory. However, she decided to pursue her Doctorate of Musical Arts at Boston University, where she was offered “The College of Fine Arts award” with a full scholarship, and she was “the quickest recipient of the Doctorate Degree” in BU’s music department history completing her doctorate in 3 and a half years. She also continued her piano study with professor Maria Clodes as a minor during her doctorate in harp performance. She also got “the Department Honors Award” from Boston University. She has performed the Ginastera Concerto as a Korean Premiere with the Sung Nam Philharmonic at the International Music Festival and broadcasted in live in Korea, and with the Boston University Symphony as the winner of their soloist competition. She has given numerous performances as a soloist, chamber musician, and orchestra harpist, in Korea, Switzerland, England, France, Wales, Russia, and the US, in venues such as Carnegie Hall, London Salvi Harp Hall, Royal Academy in London Concert Hall, Yale University Sprague Memorial Hall, Boston Symphony Hall, Seizi Ozawa Hall, Tanglewood Music Center Shed, Boston University Tsai Performing Center and Concert Hall, NEC Jordan Hall, and Seoul Arts Concert Hall and Young San Art Hall, Hyundae-to Art Hall. She had a world premiere of the harp concerto written for her by composer Ivana Lisak. Dr. Kim served as the head of the harp department, as well as a member of the piano faculty, at the South Shore Conservatory, Adagio Music Academy, Quincy Community Art School, assisted project STEP of the Boston Symphony Hall and the Musical Journey II as the education consultant. Currently, she is the artistic director of the USA International Music Competition, artist in residence at Quincy Public School. She is teaching the undergraduate students at Harvard University through the Office of Arts since 2010 and she is invited to be the harp faculty at Georgian Court University, Youth and Muse International Music Festival, University of Massachusetts Boston and Eastern Nazarene College.

Current Position

  • Harp Faculty at Eastern Nazarene College since  Jan, 2012
  • Harp Faculty at University of Massachusetts Boston since Jan, 2012
  • Harp Instructor of the undergraduate students at Harvard University through the Office of Arts since Sep, 2010
  • Artistic Director of the USA International Music Competition since Sep, 2009
  • Harp Faculty at Youth and Must International Music Festival since Aug, 2012
  • Artist in Residence at Quincy Public School since 2011

Past Position

  • Harp Department Chair at South Shore Conservatory, 2009-2013
  • Composition, Piano and Harp Teacher at Beech Knoll School, 2011-2013
  • Conductor at Silversounds Orchestra at Beechwood Knoll School, 2011
  • Education Consultant of the Musical Journey II, 2009-2010
  • Head of the harp department and the Piano Faculty at Adagio Music Academy, 2009
  • Teaching Assistant for Undergraduate Minor Student at Boston University (2008)
  • Teaching Assistant for Undergraduate Minor Student at Yale University (2005)


  • Boston University, U.S.A. –Completed Doctorate in harp performance with “a CFA Award” for a full scholarship (2008) / Minor in Piano Quickest recipient of doctorate in BU School of Music history.
  • Yale University, U.S.A – M.M in Harp Performance (2005)
  • Royal Academy of Music in London, England Post Graduate Diploma in Harp performance with “Distinction” and awarded scholarship for two years (2003)
  • Ewha University, Korea –B.A. in Harp Performance Graduated with “the Highest Honor” (2001)
  • Kaywon High School of Music, Korea –Major/ Piano & Harp (1996)
  • Yaywon Middle School of Music, Korea -Major/ Piano (1994)

Awards and Prizes

  • Winner of the Soloist Competition at Boston University (2008)
  • Winner of the Department Honor Award (2008)
  • A Special Prize Winner of the Best Performance in Russian Music Diploma for the Musical Skills -from the International Harp Competition in Moscow, Russia (2005)
  • Winner of the CFA Award, Boston, U.S.A (2005)
  • Winner of the M. A. Garrett Award, London, England (2003)
  • Winner of the Foundation Award, London, England (2002)
  • Winner of the Julia Leney Harp Prize, London, England (2002)
  • Winner of the Soloist Competition at Ewha University (1998)
  • Winner of the Soloist Competition at Kaywon High School (1996)
  • Grand Prize of Korean Student’s Newspaper Music Competition as a Solo Pianist, Seoul, Korea (1989)
  • Walgan Music Competition Bronze Medalist as a Solo Pianist, Seoul, Korea (1987)

Solo Performances

  • World premiere the “People Town” composed by M. Maganuco in Boston (2008)
  • World Premiere the Harp Concerto written for Chaerin Kim by I. Lisak in Boston (2007)
  • Live Performances in Radio & TV in Seoul, Korea (2007)
  • 3 times Chamber Concert at Seiji Ozawa Hall, Tanglewood Music Festival (2006)
  • Live Performances in Radio & TV in Moscow, Russia (2005)
  • Yale University, Harkness Hall, Sprague Hall (2004 & 2005)
  • Boston University, Concert Hall (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008)
  • Lexington, MA (2005)
  • Royal Academy of Music in London, England (2003)
  • Harp Ensemble & Harp Duo in Wales national TV, U.K. (2003)
  • Salvi Concert in London, England (2002 & 2003)
  • Chosun Newspaper Young Musician Concert, Korea (2001)
  • Seoul Baroque Music Course, Korea (2000)
  • Seoul Art Hall, Korea (2000)
  • Duo with her teacher in young-san arts hall, Korea (1999)
  • Ewha University, Korea (2001) Department’s Honorable student Concert at Ewha University (1997)
  • Spring Concert of the best performer of the year in Kaywon High School, Korea (1996)
  • Final Concert of Susan Macdonald Music Course, Switzerland (1995)
  • Conducted “Yawon Middle School Choir” at the Jung-dong Church (1991)
  • Solo Pianist at the Korean Young Musician Festival in Seoul (1990)

Solo Performances with Orchestra

  • Mozart Flute and Harp Concerto with University of Massachusetts Boston Orchestra(2012)
  • A. Ginastera Harp Concerto with Boston University Symphony Orchestra/ Winner of the Soloist Competition(2008)
  • A. Ginastera Harp Concerto with Sungnam Philharmonic, Guest Soloist of the International Music Festival in Korea (2007)/ Broadcasted in Live in Korea
  • M. Ravel Introduction and Allegro with Yonsei Sinfonietta, Guest Soloist(2000)
  • C. Debussy Danse with Yonsei Sinfonietta, Guest Soloist (2000)
  • G. Pierne Harp Concerto with Ewha University Orchestra/ Winner of the Soloist Competition (1998)

Music Festivals

  • Soloist of the Korean International Music Festival (2007)
  • Tanglewood Music Festival (2006)
  • World Harp Congress, Dublin (2005)
  • Seoul Baroque Music Course, Korea (2000)
  • Summer Hap Festival, Switzerland (1995)
  • Soloist of the Korean Young Musician Festival in Seoul (1990)

Orchestral Experience

  • Boston Cantata Singers 2007-2008 season, 2008-2009 season, 2009-2010 season under David Hoose Conducting
  • Waltham Symphony (2009), Boston College Symphony (2008)
  • Tanglewood Music Center Orchestra Principle Harpist under James Levine Conducting (2005)
  • Boston University Symphony at Carnegie Hall (2006), Boston Symphony Hall (2006), (2007)
  • Boston University Symphony (2005-2008), Yale Philharmonic under Shin Ik Ham Conducting (2003-2005)
  • Russian Philharmonic in Carnegie Hall (2004)
  • Royal Academy of Music Philharmonic (2001-2003), Ewha University Symphony under Taek Ju Lee Conducting(1997-2000)
  • KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) National Symphony Orchestra as a second Harpist (1988 & 1999)
  • Seoul Youth Symphony Orchestra(1998)

Conducting Experience

  • Yaywon Middle School Choir(1994)
  • Beechwood Knoll Elementary School Orchestra since Sep, 2011

Arrangement Piece

  • G. B. Pescetti Sonata in c minor for flute and harp (2007)

Composition Experience

  • “The Fireworks” for solo piano (2006)
  • “The Variation” for Solo Piano (2005)